You buy cheap, you buy dear

18th April 2017 Red Man Media

An initial investment in quality will save (and make) you more money in the long run.

Cheapness over quality

In my primary school, there was a small stationery shop that opened for pupils before class began every Tuesday and Friday. The shop stocked a wide range of pencils – from top of the range pencils to cheap imported pencils. Naturally, us young students gravitated towards the cheapest brand of pencil so we could spend the rest of our money on more enjoyable things (comics, football stickers and jellies!) but what would continually happen is that either A) the low-priced pencils would keep breaking or B) they would not sharpen – rendering our purchase completely useless.

This meant we would have to go back the next time the shop was open and buy ANOTHER pencil, which would inevitably be the same cheap pencil in the hope that this time it would work more effectively; oh, how a 12-year-olds mind works!

Our expectations were in vain as the cheap pencil problem would persist. This meant the money that we were planning on spending on our jellies and stickers was now flushed down the drain with nothing to show for it except for shallower pockets and a couple of defunct pencils.

‘You buy cheap, you buy dear ‘

When this issue was raised with my teacher at the time he articulated a phrase that has stuck with me ever since:

‘You buy cheap, you buy dear’

My 12-year-old brain knew exactly what he meant. With the money that I spent on my two cheap pencils – which both didn’t work – I could have bought one premium pencil which would have lasted me much longer, would have actually functioned as I had planned and cost me much less in the long run.

This principle is universal. If you decide to go for cheap price over quality, it will cost you far more than you initially anticipated. The inferior quality will come back to haunt you in some shape or form. Whether it be pencils, shoes, cars, stereo systems or a website – a cheap product or service may seem to be saving you some money, but in the long haul, will cost far more to maintain, and then replace, than to make the early investment in quality.

Cheapest agency?

Take the case of a cheaply designed website. If you send out a brief to agencies detailing what you are looking for in a website and then immediately choose the agency with the cheapest price, odds are, you’re going to receive a rushed, non-optimised website (see our how to brief a digital agency blog here) . This will leave you with nothing but a headache, a loss of business (as your customers associate a cheap website with a cheap product or service) and yet another bill when you decide to get another website built.

This will cost you the new premium price AND the initial cheap price you paid for the rushed website you thought you were saving money on in the first place.

So if you are thinking about investing in a new product or service, whether it be a new company logo, website (or company pencils!) then save yourself the time, hassle and money and invest in quality from the start.

You want high quality? You know what to do!

If you want to find out more about a quality service then get in touch with Red Man Media! We provide high quality website design, branding work and digital marketing services that ensure that you’re initial investment will pay dividends in the long run. No replacements needed.

How do we do deliver such high quality?

Years of experience, extreme attention to details and an open ear to all of our client’s needs – as a full service marketing agency, our creative team brings a unique perspective to your branding and design that enables the optimisation of campaigns for mobile, social integration and maximum conversion.

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