Red Man Media Digital Marketing Toolkit

1st May 2017 Red Man Media

The Red Man Media Digital Marketing Toolkit is an efficient and convenient way for you to implement all the digital steps that will drive awareness, leads and make your business grow.

Our Digital Marketing Toolkit is a selection of services that your company can use within their integrated marketing which will make your campaign planning and activation as straightforward as possible

For your Digital Marketing Toolkit you must be armed with knowledge or expertise – either through sourcing a digital agency to help you with your digital transformation, by upskilling existing staff in this area or by hiring someone external to lead the transformation.

Your Digital Toolkit needs to manage the following areas:

  • Website
  • Search and social content
  • Paid advertising
  • Brand asset
  • Additional channels
  • Multi channel reporting


Mapping your website strategy will ensure best practice and consistency across all media and all pages of the website.

Red Man Media can develop a customisable template for website optimisation and build for whichever business sectors you are working in.

This includes:

  • Customised keyword research
  • SEO guidelines for website content
  • User experience audit on mobile and desktop
  • Web registration form best practice
  • Auto responders including social links
  • Tracking code and tag guidelines
  • Adding link to social channels
  • Integration with CRM
  • Site security guidelines


Segmented targeting and positioning of potential buyers is important so you understand who you are selling your products or services to.

Create compelling stories and shareable content for search and social media channels:

  • Quality video
  • Quality photography
  • Blog posts
  • Design and create graphics, visuals and infographics
  • Testimonials

Remember people love to buy – they don’t like to be sold. Find out why people buy or want to buy your product and convey this in your content strategy.

Brand Assets

Ensure the correct logo and branding is on anything you publish as it is an opportunity to always be advertising your brand.

Red Man Media can assist in helping your business implement brand modifications and life-cycle management of branded assets. This includes:

  • Details of the creative assets and timeline of their release
  • Customised template for brand assets
  • Photography guidelines
  • Video production and duration guidelines for social media

Paid advertising

What platforms are your customers spending time on? Or people actively searching for your brand name or are they just searching for a product you could sell them and you need to be present when they are searching for it?

  • Keyword research – this will also inform your initial website planning stage
  • Setting objectives and clear KPIs for your paid advertising so you have results to aim for and can query what did and did not work
  • Ad copy guidelines
  • Design and create graphics, visuals and infographics
  • Ensuring ads send people to relevant landing pages – Google rewards you for this!


Standardised reporting guidelines – deciding who and when to report on your ads is important so that a routine is established and there is a constant refinement of the objectives of your marketing and you can move on ads that are performing well.

Red Man Media will ensure your KPI’s are reaching and improving the objectives outlined, investigating when KPI’s are not achieved using our data analytics tool to ensure best in class and campaign optimisation at all times.

  • Website optimistation and usability testing
  • Customisable multi channel reporting to help monitor and analyse data
  • Ad copy guidelines
  • Real-time reports – share dashboards with clients and team members
  • Process of reporting and actions

Additional tools to consider

Project Management of the overall marketing mix – is it worth having an external digital project manager to manage all vendors and internal staff?

  • Integration and access to a CRM system
  • Aligning with all other planned media and marketing/li>
  • Email Marketing – have you considered personalised and segmented newsletters, e-vites and direct mailers.

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