Website Re-Design

Moore Cleaning Services

  • Project

    Website Re-Design

  • Client

    Moore Cleaning Services

  • Date

    October, 2013

  • Project Category

    Web Design & Development

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The Challenge

We were commissioned to design a new website and provide digital marketing solutions for Moore Cleaning Services. The goal for the new website was to create an exciting fully responsive design that would take their company forward into the digital market. The aim was to entice new clientele and provide a fully comprehensive list of their services whilst retaining their familiar friendly identity.

A digital marketing strategy included extensive SEO to improve the organic search ranking of The Moore Cleaning Services website. We also developed and launched successful PPC, email and social media marketing campaigns.

The Results

The end result is a colourful website that is professional, welcoming and has a style all of its own. The content, layout and over all feel is user friendly and consistent with the company’s values.

Digital marketing activities continue to have successful results for the client. A considerably increase in traffic and ROI has been generated through PPC campaigns and strategic use email and social media.

Services Provided

  • Concept creation
  • Graphic design
  • UX design
  • Front end web Development
  • Back end web development
  • SEO