Our Top 5 Facebook Ads Do’s & Don’ts

21st July 2017 Red Man Media

There’s a lot of pitfalls to watch out for when doing Facebook ad campaigns, from boosted posts to pixelated photos, here we explain the top 5 do’s and don’ts when putting together Facebook campaigns

It’s official – Facebook has become the top Social Site. It successfully monopolizes users’ free time and is a top source of news, information, and online activity in general. In fact, people spend an average of 35 minutes a day on Facebook.

According to Parse.ly:

40% of referral traffic now comes from Facebook, 37% is coming from Google.

From setting up Facebook pages, devising a content strategy to running ad campaigns – we have experienced all sides of the Facebook platform and want to share the top 5 issues that need to be fixed in most Facebook accounts:

1. Boosted Posts

Facebook boosted posts are limited in terms of whom you can target. You have three options:

  • 1. People who like your page.
  • 2. Same as above, plus friends of theirs.
  • 3. People whom you choose through targeting.

To quote my colleague Gavin (who always has the perfect metaphor for anything digital):

“Boosted posts are like putting a flyer about your business on a wall outside the company premises – only very local people already familiar with your business will see it” .

2. Tracking your results

Facebook allows you to integrate tracking pixels into your website for almost every action that happens – from visiting, to making a purchase to registering. Make sure you have Google Analytics installed on your site – for the full breakdown on what your website needs read our article. Installing Google Analytics means you can see the source or medium of your traffic – from down to the individual ad campaign from Facebook to discovering there was more traffic from mobile devices therefore you should focus on mobile-only ad campaigns.

3. Correctly sized graphics

There are loads of guides and infographics out there to help you size your content – we recommend this one from Techwyse which breaks down every possible option clearly.

Make sure your visuals and video look good. For a potential customer looking at a business Facebook page on their mobile, seeing a post about their upcoming Event with cropped text does not invite confidence.

Whether they realise it or not this is the first impression your brand has made on them and it matters. Our recent work included create engaging optimised images that would get your customer’s attention.

4. Too much text in your ads

Facebook introduced new rules around having text in your ad images

There are four categories for the amount of text allowed on a Facebook ad. Your image text can be considered “OK”, “Low”, “Medium”, or “High.” The amount of text on your ad will determine the reach that it could potentially have. For example, an image that is considered “Medium,” which may cause your ad to reach fewer people. There are exceptions to this – for example movie posters, book covers, product images (only where the entire product is seen), legal text, and infographics.

And even more important, Facebook states:

“Our research has shown that people demonstrate a preference for ads with less text”.

Now there is a focus on having clear messages on each image – it also means you have to create more ads and get more creative – say more with less.

5. High res engaging imagery

People are savvy social media surfers – coasting through channels and platforms and only stopping on something that stands out and looks good. Having a pixelated or blurry image will not represent your brand well.

For example this is a typical Facebook post for a competition:

This is an improved streamlined stylised image together, that will grab attention:

How Red Man can help

At Red Man Media we offer a suite of graphic design services to design a library of assets for you to use in your digital marketing – whether you want to create a new brand video or a corporate photoshoot to showcase all your team. For our project with Bridgedale, we worked with them to develop new photos and a team video.

We hope this article gave you some insight into easy fixes for your Facebook advertising strategy. If you need to create a plan for your next big product launch or event and want to talk to us about creating targeted engagement Facebook campaigns, you can call email or meet us for a coffee – in the meantime see more of our work here.

Why not book a free one on one with our digital team to have a chat about you’re own Facebook marketing? You can email us on hello@redmanmedia.ie or call (01) 524 0084
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