Lessons from the Dublin Tech Summit 2017

5th December 2017 Red Man Media

The Dublin Tech Summit was an inspiring 2-day event. Hearing Gary Vaynerchuk speak brought clarity on how we as an agency can communicate the importance of a social media strategy and brand voice to our clients.

Last month at Dublin Tech Summit in the NCC the one speaker that everyone was waiting to hear was the inimitable Gary Vaynerchuk – an American serial entrepreneur, author, speaker and internationally recognized internet personality.

A keynote speech from Gary is similar to being at a political rally – there is passion, calls to action (or to hustle in Gary speak), cheers and applause.

Truths are spoken and realities outlined in garish unfiltered daylight. My takeaways from Gary that day were:

You are a media company before anything else

Realise that you are a media company before anything else and use your voice to reach your customers. Use your brands voice to shout about what you do.

Chase your customers attention and day-trade this attention. What does that mean: Move quickly on digital marketing that is getting traction, optimise website pages or products getting traffic, back creative from one successful campaign and see if it will work on another platform.

Act and react to your digital marketing to leverage large amounts of capital or attention to take advantage of campaigns that are working well.

It’s that idea of advertising yourself first before anything else which requires a completely new mindset for a company.

It’s a new type of digital behaviour: get vocal – use your voice to find out more and get the information you want.

For brands their voice is the most important tool at their disposal.

Your voice leverages the opportunity in this digital ecosystem to engage your customers on a scalable level.

Social media is not small anymore

The biggest takeaway was that social media is a slang term for the current communication environment. It’s not small anymore, it’s not a secondary afterthought to what you are currently doing to advertise your brand or company.

We love workshopping with clients to demystify social media as it is can still be referred to and strive to turn around the attitudes regarding it and showcase only the advantages – speaking to the right customers at the right time in the right way.

This month our results for a client were showing such quantifiable returns for a manageable investment that we converted them into spending more on digital after they saw the results from focusing on the channels their customers were spending their time and using reverse engineering to broadcast their most popular content.

View all our work to date on our new portfolio page, to see the diverse selection of clients we work with.

Make your strategy about attention and chasing attention

Decide how to sell on the various online platforms from Facebook to Instragram to Email in the best way for you and your customer. Plan how to use these platforms in different ways at different times. Your customers behave differently on Facebook at work then they do at home – consider the context of their use and engagement with your brand.

Recently we worked with a client to schedule ads to run in the evening and for a certain amount of time. Our free digital analysis from our workshop with them revealed the best times and where their target audience were. We crafted a strategy that optimised this information in the best way to deliver the best marketing mix for our client.

Reverse engineering

Start from the top of the sales funnel and get smart about your marketing strategy. Where do your customers spend their time. Figure that out and then form a reverse engineered strategy on how to communicate with them there.

This is a process of trial and measuring and putting more into what works best. It’s okay to be more vocal on one channel than others – if that is what your strategy dictates. And for many of our clients it is the pressure to be a practitioner in all these platforms and technologies leads to inaction on any of them. So by engaging an agency to help with your marketing, you create the best mix of marketing for your needs

If you are finding the process of creating your voice for social media or are actively working at it but not getting the results you want, why not contact us to see if we can help.

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