Key actions to get maximum reach for your blog post

15th August 2017 Red Man Media

You wanted to write your blog post, you’ve done the research, you’ve sat down and wrote your 1,000 carefully selected words and now you’re ready to release it to the masses

Now it’s out in the world, what are the key actions you should take to make sure it gets maximum reach and you get valuable insights from this.

1. Get colleagues and staff to share your blog post.

There are always opportunities to share pieces of work you have written. Inform colleagues company-wide the article is published and how to share the link: they can share on LinkedIn, Twitter or where it is within professional use. You might need to refer to your Social Media Conduct guidelines to ensure they share it correctly.

2. Use different images in your social media posts and a different title for the same article – get more mileage from the 1 blog post.

Repurposing content is one of the oldest tricks in the book, just because you used a piece of content once does not mean you cannot use it again. Keep your eyes and ears out for new angles that you can squeeze your current piece of content into – as long as it has relevancy and currency!

3. Include a link to your most recent blog post in your email signature.

When sending out emails it’s a great idea to attach your newest blog post into your signature, not only is it putting your blog in front of eyeballs who may be interested. It’s also a great way to share a story by proxy.

4. Share the post on social media and pin traffic-driving articles to the top of your social media page.

If your article is proving popular on social media, it’s no harm to pin it to the top of your social media feed. This means that your best performing article is the first thing users see when they view your profile.

TOP TIP: Don’t forget about Google+. Often overlooked it is still an active posting platform and believed to help with search rankings and Google rewards you for this .

5. Allow for comments and reply to people.

Hearing people’s thoughts and queries on your blog post allows incredible insight for you to take going forward. Responding to people also makes them feel included in your brand strategy, helps you win their trust, builds a great relationship and enhances your reputation.

6. Track your email.

In Google Analytics, you should be able to see the sources of your traffic or referrals. It will denote your email campaign and give you an idea of the pages people went to after your article. Did they leave the website? Did they read more similar content or go straight to the About Us section?

TOP TIP: Use different quotes from the same article in different posts across several days – describe the same article in different ways.

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