How to grow your sales online this Christmas

15th December 2016 Red Man Media

For most traders, Christmas is their most profitable time. However many will fail to grow the online side of their business – missing an opportunity that is getting bigger and bigger every year

If you feel like your business could improve it’s online shopping game then read on as we’ve covered some of the biggest tips that will help your business capitalise on this ever-growing opportunity.

Tip 1: Have a content calendar to help plan your ads strategy

Marketing teams use content calendars to plan all their content marketing activity online. The benefit of having your content visible on a calendar is that it is easier to see how and where your content is distributed throughout the year. This allows you to spot any gaps in your strategy and share your content in a carefully planned way to create the biggest impact possible online. For example, if you own a gym your content calendar for December running into January should contain posts about getting into shape for the new year, how to burn off those extra mince pies etc. Make it timely, relevant and relatable.

Tip 2: Be creative

The beauty of online marketing is that if something is not working it can be changed immediately. So don’t be afraid to experiment! Test different elements with your online content and in your ads to get the best performance, if you feel the time that your ads are scheduled to run is not optimum, then change it to a different time and test the results.

The same can be applied to imagery, messaging, targeted audiences. If you feel something can be improved, then make the change and test the results.

You can try A/B testing (also known as split testing) to see which method works better by comparing two versions of a webpage, campaigns, imagery etc. to determine which one works the best until you eventually discover the winning formula that sees you making all of that Christmas Euro.

Tip 3: Get into Facebook advertising

87% of Irish users access Facebook via mobile devices and the holidays are a great time to run targeted ad campaigns online. Facebook’s ad targeting options are unmatched in the world of advertising, allowing you to find users based on information in their profile such as interests, shopping habits, jobs, apps they use and other timeline content they’ve provided. This allows your business to engage with your ideal customers in an interactive manner, providing them with highly targeted, time and location sensitive information that promotes your business.

Tip 4: Copywriting is important

It’s easy to think that any old blurb of text will do, but this is a huge mistake when it comes to persuading people that your product or service is the best on the market. Good copywriting helps demonstrate the value of a product, highlights its advantages over its competitors and allows a business to portray a professional image while keeping the focus on what the customer wants. Our best advice is to try keep your message simple and straight to the point, too much waffle and people will begin to zone out and your message is lost.

Tip 5: Mobile use during Christmas

The number of online purchases made on mobile increased by 33% in 2015 compared to 2014. This trend is only going to continue and if you haven’t got a mobile marketing plan you will miss out this Christmas! You can read more about mobile marketing here and if you value conversions differently for mobile and desktop, it is easy to create separate advertisement groups for each.

Tip 6: Attractive visuals are essential

66% of senior marketing executives believe visuals are key to how their business story is communicated. To successfully market your business online make sure that you have attractive, engaging visuals and a clear call to action as can be seen here:

Poor quality imagery can lead to a lack of confidence in the product or service you are marketing.

If you are going to put graphics over imagery, make sure the graphics aren’t too small as they will be hard to see.

Video ads are a great way to grab attention, and with 100 million hours of video watched daily on Facebook, they are a powerful way to showcase your product and Christmas promotions.

If you are sending people to your website through digital advertising then you can use a pixel to bring back those users who have visited your site. Facebook tracking allows you to retarget previous customers (you can learn all about the Facebook tracking pixel here.

Having this pixel installed keeps your site top of mind and, hopefully, edges them closer to making that all-important decision to purchase from you.

To get one-on-one advice on how to drive awareness and quality leads for your business this Christmas, then get in touch today for a free no obligation consultation. What are you waiting for?