Does your logo need a makeover?

18th July 2017 Red Man Media

You don’t always need to start from scratch. If your logo is a bit tired looking and loosing its original allure, it may be possible to freshen it up and return it to its former glory.

If your logo is appearing pixelated when it is reproduced it may be because you do not have the proper file formats or all alternative versions of the design.

With logo repair, all these necessary file formats are created. We also provide all the technical information you need to ensure that whenever it is reproduced in the future it will not loose its impact. This will help the overall reputation of your brand as there will be a consistency across all channels of communication wherever your logo appears. In today’s world those channels are multiple; from your website and social media to digital presentations on larger screens.

The difference between logo design and logo repair?

Logo design begins with a concept. When you are starting from scratch, your designer may produce several variations in order to get to a design you are happy with. This development process can be shorter if the client has an idea or a concept already in mind. You can communicate these ideas in sketches or in digital format which can then be developed by the designer. Working this way, the concept phase gets a bit of a kick-start in terms of decision-making.

On the other hand, Logo repair is a remodel of, or a technical readjustment of the original design. Adapting your original logo can be a cost-effective way of breathing life in to your brand and bringing it up to date. With logo repair, the client provides the source material to work with, which again, can be a time and cost saving factor.

What We Will Do:

Red Man Media will repair your logo and provide you with professionally rendered, fully formatted artwork in all the formats you’ll need. We can use scans, gifs, jpegs, tiff’s and sketches to convert your logo into a high quality scalable vector graphic. The resulting vector image can then be used as your master file from which every possible format of your logo can be created..

Do you need your logo repaired?

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