Christmas Guide Part 2: Before the Holidays (Aug – Sep)

5th October 2017 Red Man Media

Planning for your Christmas marketing campaign objectives in August & September means you have the essential elements and your technical checklist in place.

Now you can now focus on the marketing campaigns that are driving sales, discover your most popular products, cater to the best type of customer and act on the data you can see.Incase you missed part 1 of our guide read it here

Now is the time to build your audience and reach.

Objective 1: Brand Awareness

To tease your Christmas campaigns and drive brand awareness to existing and new customers by gently nurturing and leading them further through the sales funnel. Shoppers research, visit a website, leave and return and decide to buy later. Don’t give up on your potential customers – just be there with the right message.

Actions: Use Facebook Insights or Google Analytics and Data Studio to segment your audience based on demographics, lifestyle stage, devices. Target customers based on their behaviour for example customers who bought last Christmas could be sent an incentive to buy that product or something similar again. Or if 90% of your website traffic comes from mobile devices, make sure you have a mobile optimised website and ads.

TOP TIP: Use Brand Polling withing advertising platforms to determine if your campaign increased brand recall

Objective 2: Traffic

By capturing the intent data on those who engage with your brand at this stage through pixels, cookies and more details upon registration you are creating a database of interested leads you can remarket to. You can then:


  • Remarket to website visitors, ad engagers or video watchers.
  • Build a “lookalike” audience based on characteristics of your best customers.
  • Remarket to people who visited your store offline and bought.

Use remarketing on people who are interested in your brand and engaged with it either by visiting your website, watching a video or clicking on an ad.

TOP TIP: Cap or limit your ad frequency. No one likes seeing the same ad repeatedly.Google Ad Types:

  • Search Network Ads: Reach customers with text ads.
  • Display Network Ads: Run different ads with visuals across the web.
  • Shopping Ads: Appear in search results with an image and price.
  • Video Ads: On Youtube.

Facebook Ad Types:

  • Canvas Ads: Full Screen Experience Ads.
  • Photo Ads: Use beautiful images to share a message.
  • Video Ads: On Facebook, Instragram and the Audience Network.
  • Collection Ads: Showcase relevant products and features in the one ad.
  • Slideshow Ads: Create a slideshow ad out of existing images or video.
  • Lead Adverts: People to learn about you while you generate leads.
  • Dynamic Ads: Personalise your ads without the manual work.
  • Facebook Link Ads: Point people to your website.

TOP TIP: Know what channel your audience will be most likely to see your ad. Don’t advertise somewhere it won’t be seen by the right eyes.

Objective 3: Conversions & Measurement

Objective: Identify what are the key pieces of data you want to know and measure.

  • What ads drove the most traffic?
  • What ad campaign drove the most sales?
  • What product on my website has the highest bounce rate?
  • What devices are being used by my website visitors – how does my website look on these devices?

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