Christmas 2017 Marketing Guide – Part 1

15th September 2017 Red Man Media

Christmas has always been one of the biggest times of the year for retailers. And now with the popularity of pre-Christmas events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there is an even bigger need to have a strategy in place.

Driven by intense promotional activity around Black Friday and Cyber Monday periods, this year consumers made an increasing proportion of their Christmas purchases earlier in the festive shopping season. A 2017 Retail Ireland survey reported that:

“Sales values decreased by 1.3% and volume fell by 0.5% in December 2016 compared to a month earlier, which allied to strong November sales data suggest a structural shift in pre-Christmas consumer shopping patterns”.

Price conscious consumers have changed their Christmas shopping behaviour so for 2017 retailers need to be prepared.

Part 1

Here is part 1 in our 4 Phases to get your marketing ready for Christmas 2017:

  1. START NOW – start now to plan your strategy.
  2. BEFORE THE HOLIDAYS (AUGUST – SEPTEMBER) – get ahead of your competitors.
  3. DURING THE HOLIDAYS (OCTOBER – DECEMBER) – reach those customers interested in your brand who are now likely to buy.
  4. POST HOLIDAYS (JANUARY) – cross sell to the customers who bought already or tease your Spring Summer products.

1. Start Preparing Now

EXTRA DATES: December 24 onwards – Sale Season

There was a trend to wait until January 1st to clear winter and Christmas stock but increasingly more retailers are leveraging their customers willingness to spend in December and starting their January sales inDecember.

Get ready now

To start getting ready now, go through our Technical Checklist and make sure you have the most important elements in place for the next step in your strategy to make sure you can see what is working and where to spend your budget.

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