Ah sure anybody can do Facebook

16th March 2017 Red Man Media

Creating an effective Facebook advertisement which has the ability to engage, inspire activity, and most importantly, drive conversions is not easy as one would initially think.

Do It Yourself?

We live in an age of D.I.Y, where all the knowledge we need exists within a decent internet connection and a smart phone away. Your car’s tyre has blown out? Just take out your phone and Youtube how to change a tyre. It’s your daughter’s birthday this weekend and you want to bake her a cake? Sure, Google’s your man there. Want to see what your ex is getting up to on their holiday with their new partner? Well hello Facebook!

Practice and Implementation

But not all things can be solved with the click of a button. Some things need to be discovered independently through practice and implementation. One such example is creating Facebook ads that will inspire engagement, activity, and most importantly, conversions.

A recipe alone, does not a cake bake

Now, we know it’s easy to Google ‘How to make a Facebook ad’ and just follow the instructions that pop up on your desktop. But making a Facebook ad isn’t as straightforward as following a recipe off the web, there are a lot of variables that need to be accounted for and this only comes with experience.

These variables include: Who is the target audience? What targeted interests are most likely to put the ad in front of the most desired eyeballs? What is the best time and day to run the ad for maximum impact? What tone should the text employ? Where should the user be sent on the website to achieve highest conversion? What imagery should be used? How will I obtain and optimise this imagery? Should the ad be a carousel or video? How much budget is ideal?

External Factors

Then there are a lot of factors to consider external to Facebook that must be taken into account. Once you drive people to your website you must ascertain whether the website is user friendly? Provides a positive user experience? Is the messaging correct? Will it allow the user to purchase a product or register details easily?

You get the picture.

A whole lot of factors go into making an effective Facebook ad and it doesn’t come with the flick of a switch. Sure, you can rustle up something that you think will do -but is it enough? More than likely, your Facebook ad will stand out like a sore thumb and it will spur the opposite effect of what you initially intended. Your ad will look cheap and rushed. This is a reflection of your brand. So instead of garnering interest in your service, you have now associated your brand with a below par ad. Then they click on to your Facebook page to see that you rarely post stimulating organic content, just a load of random articles and blogs that were haphazardly thrown up without a content calendar plan. Not good!

If you’re going to do it – do it well

So if you are thinking about doing Facebook advertising, get in touch with us to see what is the best approach to take, what you need to have prepared and all the other variables that have to be accounted for… because anybody can do Facebook, but only the experts can do it well. See the proof here.

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