5 reasons to outsource your digital marketing to an agency

14th July 2017 Red Man Media

Many business owners struggle with the decision whether to outsource or hire internally for their digital marketing. The reason they consider outsourcing is to keep up with changing industry standards and to avail of the cost effectiveness of digital marketing.

We often work with clients who have made the decision to go digital. As mentioned in our previous article there is a real competitive opportunity there for any business.

Here are the main reasons why outsourcing this to an agency works so well:

1) Flexibility

Outsourcing your property’s digital marketing to an agency means you get access to a team of skilled marketers and designers – when you need them. You can manage your budget and not have the cost and pressure of keeping one employee busy for 12 months of the year.

A further advantage to hiring an agency is they can guide and advise your staff and make sure they are implementing the best in class tactics your marketing needs for the time that you need them.

2) First Impressions Matter

We have all experienced the disappointment when you see an ad and it’s just somehow wrong – the text is off, the image isn’t sharp, the video won’t play or there is no text to tell you what it is about.

As a business owner when you invest in new photography or video, not making the most of these new photos and videos cheapens the first impression people have of your development and wastes the money spent to get photos and video done.

3) There is no I in Team

Instead of one person with a mixed skillset you have the resources of a multi-skilled team focused on getting you the best results.

It’s a needle in the haystack type task to find that one hire that can do photography, brand strategy, build your website, do good graphic design work, plan your content and do all of this for all your projects at scale.

Having a team of experienced creatives trained in design and marketing means you get something professional and different every time.

4) Reporting

How we at Red Man Media HQ win repeat business is through our clear transparent reporting. We make a conscious effort to review and improve our reporting so that it was simple for everyone at every level in the property company to understand. This keeps the the trust and security between us and our clients.

5) Objective and Responsible

The reason many businesses chose agencies for their digital marketing is that they are answerable and solely responsible for the KPIs set in the beginning. They can come to the project with an objective eye, identify real areas of opportunity for their client that someone “on the ground” might not see from being too involved in daily operations.

There is a relationship built with their agency – put simply, they trust the agency will work to deliver the best for them – otherwise a client can take your business elsewhere.

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