4 Reasons Why Developers and Estate Agents Should Go Digital

12th December 2016 Red Man Media

Investing in digital marketing opens a direct line of communication to your customers – customers who are actively interested in buying your product or service

And, by updating your customers with news or offering them advice on how to buy, you are able to develop the relationship and gain an advantage over your competitors.

When it comes to property marketing, in 2016, traditional methods still prevail with developers and estate agents spending the majority of their marketing budgets on offline print campaigns and relying on third party property affiliates (e.g. Daft.ie, MyHome.ie) to raise awareness of their development and drive leads.

If your marketing strategy ends here, you are missing out on valuable opportunities to promote yourself online and engage with your customers.

Why digital works

For many people, buying a house is probably the biggest purchase they will make in their lifetime so it’s important to raise awareness of your development to ensure you are in front of the right buyer when they are ready to buy.

Reason 1: Targeting

“One of the biggest advantages to advertising on Facebook is your ability to target specific groups of highly engaged people. In fact, compared to the average online reach of 38% for narrowly targeted campaigns, Facebook is 89% accurate.”

Red Man Media has achieved huge success in generating high quality leads and driving growth in the property sector with effective targeting.

How effective is targeting for property?

“72% of Irish Facebook users access the site daily”

Facebook’s ad targeting options are unmatched in the world of advertising, allowing you to find users based on information in their profile such as relationship status, recently married or engaged or interested in home buying. Targeting can get as detailed as advertising to the Friends of Recently Engaged who can share your ads with friends who are in the mindset to buy. All these targeting options will put your development in front of the right people.

Reason 2: Presence: Be there all the time and at the right time

With digital marketing, developers and estate agents can be present at all stages of a buyer’s journey to owning a home. From the initial research stage, to selecting a specific area, arranging finance to viewing properties and finally buying. There are so many ways you can engage with and market to a home buyer and on so many digital channels.

“80% of Irish Facebook users access via mobile devices”

You can advertise and engage with anyone who has expressed interest in your development. Any visitor to your website or Facebook page can be tracked online using tracking code implemented in both Facebook and your website.

Then we can start remarketing – a clever way to follow someone online and select when and where they see your ads.

For example, by uploading your database of registrations to the Facebook Ads Platform we can design and show these registrations a specific ad detailing a VIP open viewing. They will be the only people to see this ad.

Nurturing anyone who has expressed interest in your development is vital to your long-term strategy.

Reason 3: Database of leads that are ready to buy / email marketing

Advertising and inviting buyers through digital marketing to register their interest, visit your showhome and ultimately converting them to buy – the process to sell property should be a carefully planned one.

When executing a digital marketing campaign we always advise on a post-campaign strategy. What to do when the objective is achieved? When all the houses are sold?

A qualified lead or an interested buyer and the ability to advertise to them at all times online is the most important advantage of digital marketing. Even more exciting is when a database of qualified warm leads has been generated for our clients. These are people who have gone the extra step and registered – they want to know more. This is where Customer Relationship Management(CRM) is key. Reward these clients for registering. We often suggest:

  • Design a branded ‘Thank you’ responder and make a follow-up call to anyone who registers
  • Send a branded email to early registrations to alert them of open viewings
  • Email after open viewings to update on the quantity left and the date for new open dates (don’t forget the people lead busy lives and might not have been able to make the first viewing)
  • When a development is a sellout, even though there are no immediate homes left to sell, future-proof your leads. Keep people interested in the next phases with an invite to register for future releases or an email detailing the new phase to anyone who missed out on a house

Reason 4: Bigger return on investment and reduced costs

Our campaigns have reached an average of 300,000-targeted people per month and generated an average of 1,000 leads in the same time period. We can directly link the sales of over 100 properties to highly targeted digital campaigns and more so, we have achieved these results at a fraction of the cost of traditional media.

For one of our property clients, this price comparison convinced them to pause their print advertising and switch to a Facebook advertising campaign running over a four-week period of open viewings:

We can implement all the above to raise awareness and quality leads for your property development in 2017. Call us on (01) 524 0084 to discuss how we can help.