3 SEO Tips for Writing a Blog Post

20th September 2017 Red Man Media

Blogging is an important part of any company’s inbound marketing strategy. While allowing you to speak to your customer’s problems it also allows you to use keywords and search terms that people are using when searching for your product or service.

Why write blogs? As this Hubspot article outlines:

“It helps drive new traffic to your website and works closely with search engines and social media to do that.”

  1. It can be updated and reposted keeping it evergreen
  2. Opportunity for linking
  3. Opportunity for using keywords and optimizing for search
  4. Shows your understanding of your industry
  5. Shows your understanding of your clients problems

3 SEO Tips when writing a blog post

1. Research keywords or phrases that your customers are searching for:

Do you work in a niche industry working on unusual or technical products or services? Are there ancillary companies associated with your business? And most importantly, who are your users? Knowing your customers problems and write about their solutions from a range of areas. Your business and you are an authority on these solutions as you have this amazing product that solves it so helpful and informative content wins. It’s a simple cycle.

  • Typing a keyword into your Google Search bar will even produce results of phrases people have searched for and possible solutions you can write about.
  • 1/2 keywords for each article is sufficient. Keep your keyword usage clear and logical so when Google is searching and ranking your website understands what you are writing about and rewards you for this
  • People search using longer searching questions for example if I wanted to find a digital agency in Dun Laoghaire I would search for ’digital agencies in dun laoghaire’.Consider all variations of search terms and nuances in the language eve adjectives people use like “the best digital agency in Dun Laoghaire”.
  • Look at having a clear Call to action in your blog that invites people to read more, get in touch, subscribe to your emails or avail of an offer.
  • Your blog post length should be at least 300 words

2. Blog Post Structure

  • Try to use lists or bullet points – Like we did here – Google likes when the content is structured and has clear headings for each section, a list of points and paragraphs. It also increases its chance of appearing as a featured snippet
  • Ensure you have correctly titled any images you use your blog post in their Alternative Text (Alt Text) and Image Title (this appears when you hover over an image). Detail what the image is exactly as this will help Google’s read what the image is. Don’t stuff your business name and keywords into the Alt Text or Title.
  • Use your chosen Keyword in your Meta Title, Meta Description and the URL of the page that blog post will be on:see our header image

3. Linking to your articles and other websites

If you are writing case studies on your work – which we highly recommend you do – it is a great opportunity to strengthen your Google ranking by linking within the article to other articles on your website. This means that you insert a link to the relevant article by directly copying it’s page URL into your blog post or you can insert that URL behind a single word people click on instead.

Is there an opportunity to link to out to your suppliers from within your article or to a website relating to your topic – this will strengthening the SEO of that post as the more especially links to high ranking websites.

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